Metropolitan Police Service Hydra Suites

    •  MPS Hydra Suite Syndicate Room - Leadership Academy
    •  MPS Hydra Suite Control Room - Leadership Academy
    •  MPS Hydra Suite Pleanry Room - Leadership Academy
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The MPS has 11 hydra suites delivering hydra based training to all uniform and detective ranks. The MPS Hendon Training School has 6 hydra suites. The largest features 5 syndicate room, control room, plenary and a role play\media room. The other 5 are on a smaller scale each with 3 syndicates and plenary. The remaining hydra suites are based around London.

The Curriculum design team based at Hendon Training School contains a dedicated sub unit comprising 3 hydra course designers and 2 technical staff who are responsible for the hydra infrastructure, commissioning, design and maintaining currency of the hydra courses. MPS also has a good cadre of Police Officers and Police staff who are hydra facilitator trained and regularly deliver established hydra courses.

Hydra Suite Locations based around London at: Marlowe House, Sidcup; Sovereign Gate, Richmond; Empress State Building, Earls Court; Bethnal Green Police Station and Gravesend.

Key Contact Numbers for the Hydra Team at Metropolitan Police:

Name Title Phone Email
Jack Patel Suite Manager - Technical +(0) 208 358 0907

Suite Manager: Ian Ellis
Contact Number: +(0) 208 358 1952
Address: Rm G.11, Imbert House, Peel Centre, Aerodrome Rd, London, NW9 5JE